Finished: Farmhouse Cardigan

Farmhouse 2.jpg

I could not be more excited to have this lovely cardigan finished! It's really been done since before Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago, earlier this month--but as usual, I only just now got around to taking photos of it. I actually bought the original yarn, Starcroft Nash Island Light, at my first ever Vogue Knitting Live in New York City, back in 2014. This yarn has survived quite a few stash purges and it seemed like the time to make it into a cozy cardigan I could wear in place of a coat or around the house (my house has been very, very cold this winter). 

The gauge was easy to get and spot-on for this yarn, which has a lovely halo and slight hand-dye variations. As you can see from the shoulder, I'm getting a little pilling from it on the outer and inner arms, but such is life--it will probably pill a couple times and then, never again. It's not a super-soft yarn, the Nash Island Light, but it's just right for an overlayer with long sleeves or a button-down beneath. I found a few silk blouses at a local thrift shop and have been wearing those with it quite a bit. There's something extremely elegant-feeling about wearing silk under hand-knit woolens, even when they're more rustic looking like this cardigan. 

I decided on the Farmhouse Cardigan pattern by Amy Christoffers for a few different reasons. This is actually a back to back Amy Christoffers sweater knit. I had finished almost all of the knitting on the Hope Cardigan and wanted to work something up quickly. Amy's patterns are so easy to follow, it just seemed like the kind of mental break I needed to knit another one of them, and I was right. This cardigan zoomed off the needles in just a month, and since you're really only seaming the pockets... speedyfast. 

Farmhouse Cardigan Buttons

 The buttons were their own challenge, until I helped a friend clear out her stash one afternoon. While going through her yarn and notions, we discovered this button card of Jennie the Potter cat stamped buttons. My friend doesn't have a cat, and she knows that I adore my own cats, so as a thank-you, she gave me these buttons for my sweater! There are five buttons, but the sweater needed seven, so I finished up with two gray toned buttons from my personal button stash. I quite like the contrast and the overall look of these buttons together with the sweater fabric. 

I get asked a lot about using ceramic buttons for sweaters. People are concerned about breaking them by whacking them against something, I think, but honestly, they seem to hold up very well for the cardigans I've used them on. I have some for my Hope Cardigan (still in progress), and another set is featured on my Bloch Ness (of which I still need photos)!

I have been getting a lot of wear out of this piece and will miss it a bit once things warm up. Hopefully by then I'll have the lighter cardigan off the needles and can wear that instead.