Malabrigo Heritage is Live!

When I started this project in July 2015, I was absolutely certain that we'd be releasing it in September of the same year. I don't know how I could have possibly thought that writing a book, working full time, and doing all the layouts myself would be a good idea--which is why, a year and and nine months after it was started, and eight months after the original release date, I'm finally able to present you with the beautiful labor of love that is Malabrigo Heritage

This pattern collection is available in two formats. The e-book format comes not only with patterns, but also alternate colorway suggestions, information about the designers, and written pieces about Malabrigo by yours truly. Discover the history of the Malabrigo Junkies, a memory of my time visiting Uruguay and Paysandu's sheep herds, and read about the origins of Rios within the pages that surround the patterns. Alternatively, if you see something you love and have to have, just pick up the individual pattern PDFs (although, the 15-pattern e-book is an awesome deal)!

The patterns are absolutely gorgeous. I can't really choose favorites--each of the designers who worked on this project really went above and beyond designing something special, unique, and celebratory of Malabrigo. As always with any collection, I am so pleased with how the colors came together to form such a beautiful palette.

Malabrigo Heritage Patterns

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A lot of thought went into how this collection was produced and presented. I used the same photographer for my book, Katie Starks (she got married, so has changed her name from Katie Meek). Katie and I have such an awesome rapport and working relationship, it seemed like a no-brainer to bring her on for this project, and I'm so glad I did. Her photos are lively, stunning, and richly colored: exactly the visual voice I wanted for this book. 

Restitos, Malabrigo Heritage

Our models, Michele and Alexia, were exceptional. When I worked on Malabrigo Book 3 & 4, we used local models in Uruguay. It seemed like an injustice not to feature women with similar ethnic backgrounds in this project, since it is of Malabrigo, and needed to maintain that same cultural identity (despite being produced in Nashville, TN, rather than Montevideo)! It was an absolutely lovely day spent with these two, who really toughed out having to wear knitwear in ninety degree, July, weather, and made it look effortless and lovely. Hair was done at The Blowout Co. in Belle Meade, where they did both hair and makeup for Slow Knitting. Speaking of, I have to give extra props to my amazing makeup artist, Chelsea Wells. Chelsea is based in Bowling Green, KY, an hour north of Nashville, and was recommended by one of the local cosmetology schools as a talented graduate. She was so easy to work with and really nailed the look I was going for: naturally beautiful and not over the top. Not only did she deliver beautiful makeup, she stayed on-set the entire shoot for touch-ups and even helped move samples and outfits back and forth. I could not be more grateful to this team. 

We shot the book at a combination of three locations: my apartment complex in Bellevue, Percy Warner Park in Harpeth Valley, and the Scarritt Bennett Center in Vanderbuilt area. Each provided really interesting stone structures to shoot against, while Percy Warner gave us these lush, green environments. While it's hard to make mid-summer greenery feel at home with knitwear, Katie did an amazing job capturing the cooler side of the forest!

Colmena, Malabrigo Heritage

The after-photography pattern layouts, descriptions, written book material and final files were all coordinated by yours truly, with technical editing from Teresa Emmendorfer. Teresa was wonderful at making time for me for last minute edits and changes, and I am so grateful for her patience (and the designer's patience) as this book came together!

I am so proud of this project and so glad I can finally release it into the world and share it with all of you! Please let me know in the comments what your favorite pattern is from the set--I'll be giving away a randomly-selected copy of the e-book on April 21 to one lucky reader.