The New World in Wool Workshop
to Aug 18

The New World in Wool Workshop

Join me for a weekend at the Harrisville Woolen Mill in Harrisville, New Hampshire! This 100 year old mill produces some of the most beautiful yarns in the world, and I can't wait to explore them with you (and get a tour of the mill) during my three-day course this August. 

Here's the course description: 

In the mid-19th century, an early American art movement of romantic, epic landscape paintings began that would eventually communicate and document the wild beauty of the New World for generations to come. Artists Thomas Cole, Fredric Edwin Church, and others, captured the essence of the American wilderness, highlighting intense and awe-inspiring landscapes with careful application of color and light. This movement helped create the interest and fervor that drove American settlers West to discover lands rich with natural resources and breathtaking views, but it also drew attention to the Hudson River Valley, where many of the paintings were based. Due to this focus, the movement has been fondly referred to by historians as the ‘Hudson River Valley School’ of painting. 

Harrisville’s proximity to this area and similar timeline make it the ideal place to explore and rediscover the beauty and inspiration that these art works provide.  

Hannah will bring knitted and woven samples to show how mixing many semi-neutrals (in the same way as the painters) with a few true colors increases the visual impact of knitted and woven pieces. Students will learn how to look at a painting for inherent palettes, using pre-built samples of palettes constructed by the instructor, from Harrisville’s color-line. Students will learn about the history of the painters and explore their works, while developing their own landscape-inspired color palettes using the wide selection of Harrisville yarns. These color palettes will be used to plan a new knitting or weaving project that captures the beauty of the North American wilderness.  

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Vogue Knitting Live - Chicago
to Mar 11

Vogue Knitting Live - Chicago

Join me as I teach for the first time at Vogue Knitting Live Chicago! Registration is open now for this show. I'll be teaching a variety of courses, including*: 

Knitting with Purpose

Do you love to make garments, accessories, and more, but find that more often than not, they stay in a drawer, unworn? Do you seem to always choose the wrong colors and shapes for your complexion or body type, or pick styles that don’t fit into the rest of your wardrobe? You are not alone! Many knitters choose patterns based on what they want to knit but don’t think about what they’d love to wear. Flip your thinking with this fashion-forward class with stylist and sweater knitting addict Hannah Thiessen, who helps students explore how knitting and fashion are linked hand in hand. Set yourself up for success by determining the best sweater shapes for your body type, discussing fabric weights, and exploring your skin’s unique undertones and flattering color ranges. Learn how to style your knitted accessories over the pieces you love most in your wardrobe, and explore the basics of print mixing for endless wardrobe versatility!

Fearless Sweater Making

Dive into sweater making courageously when armed with Hannah Thiessen’s tips, techniques, and methods for exploring garment making. Learn how to read between the lines on your pattern and divide the project into workable chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed. Avoid common mistakes to make sweater knitting—and crocheting—easier than ever by taking basic steps when approaching each and every pattern. We’ll talk about how yarn choice affects the finished pieces and you’ll be able to walk into the Marketplace or any yarn store armed and ready to make your best sweater purchases ever!

Achieve Sock Drawer Perfection

Who doesn’t love a sock drawer filled to the brim with beautiful, hand-knit footwear? Wouldn’t it be even better if every sock fit perfectly, held up to years of wear, and, when necessary, was darned properly? Long-time sock knitter Hannah Thiessen offers a system to fit, knit, prepare, and care for your perfect socks. This class covers the full range of necessary sock-knitting tips, techniques & tricks, from making successful yarn purchases and planning your socks, to the basics of sock care, storage, and repair. In addition to three hours of instruction, each student will receive Hannah’s "Sock Knitting Flowchart" in a handy, laminated, reference size and a small kit of sock-related notions to set them on the right path.

Color Stories

Plan exceptional, unexpected color palettes for your projects! Explore color theory as Hannah Thiessen shows you examples of beautiful color palettes in a variety of textile, art history, craft, and nature references. Learn tried-and-true techniques of color palette selection and how you can bend—and even break—these rules. Develop your own unique eye for stranded knitting, patterned wovens, and colorful crochet palettes, and begin to tell your own color story.

Macro Lace

Do you long to knit lace, but fear tiny stitches on small needles will drive you mad? Are you a lace newbie who has heard horror stories about charted patterns and triple yarn-overs? Scale up and calm down with this class, designed for self-proclaimed "lace haters" and wannabe lace knitters alike. Hannah Thiessen guides you through basic lace stitches and concepts on large-scale yarn, making it easy to see what you’re doing while conquering charts, navigating increase and decrease stitches, and tracking your project in manageable bites.

Head's Up

This basic hat design class is for knitters who simply want to expand upon the classic beanie, beret, or toque. Explore a variety of stitch dictionaries and learn how to translate swatches into the hats of your dreams with very little math, preparing you to design your own hats for years to come using a basic pattern catered to your gauge on three different yarn weights.


Latvian braids, decorative cast ons, folded hems, lined edges, picots and more! Learn a variety of techniques to dress up a basic fingerless mitt, then choose which you’ll use for your own customized design, using teacher Hannah Thiessen’s basic pattern as your guide.

*All VKLive courses are subject to change based on enrollment - if you want a course, make sure you sign up for it! 

I will also be signing books at this event on the vendor show floor - more details soon!

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