Unwind Getaway in Blowing Rock, NC
to Apr 29

Unwind Getaway in Blowing Rock, NC

I’m teaching for the first time this year at the Unwind Getaway in stunning Blowing Rock, NC. I’ll be teaching three courses. Registration is currently sold out for this event.

Rock Your Socks

Explore unique sock construction methods to achieve your perfect fit! Socks are among the most popular things to knit, and rightfully so: they're small, portable, and are the perfect one-skein project to celebrate a souvenir skein or brilliantly hand-dyed hank. In this class, we'll explore how yarn choices, construction methods, plus a variety of cast-ons, heels, toes, and shaping that can help you identify the perfect route to your best-fitting sock. Even experienced sock knitters should be prepared to walk out with a deeper understanding of this popular knitted accessory!

Sweater Meditations

It’s likely that most knitters have at least one “dream garment”: a sweater that exists, with or without a pattern, in our imaginations and hearts that we dream of casting on. This course is all about getting started down the path of meditative sweater knitting: the act of creating the perfect garment with the perfect yarn and achieving knitting nirvana in the process. ● Learn to love the process of swatching and selecting the right pattern & gauge ● Identify the gap in your wardrobe you’ve been meaning to fill with the best sweater ever ● Decipher (or write your own) patterns that create your dream garment ● Avoiding common garment pitfalls with handy tips & tricks

Stash Smarter

As knitters and crocheters, we can hold onto a lot of guilt about what we collect and accumulate. If you’ve found yourself buying yarn (only to find more of the same in your stash later), you have ‘guitly purchases’ hiding under the bed, or you just want to get a handle on what you have, this class is for you. We’ll explore: ● Deciphering the “why before the buy” ● Organizational methods for what you already have ● Project planning using the Ravelry database and library ● Being realistic about our expectations and accomplishments ● Destash methods for yarns we no longer want or need ● Notions & Tools organization ● Books & magazines organization ● Digital tools that may be useful ● Letting go of unloved projects ● WIP workdown plans

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Art & Wool Workshop at Harrisville Designs
to Oct 26

Art & Wool Workshop at Harrisville Designs

I’m headed back to Harrisville to teach another weekend full of in-depth color studies for crafters of all varieties. This is the weekend after Rhinebeck, so be sure to combine it with your trip to upstate NY. Here’s the class description:

Hannah Thiessen, author of Slow Knitting, landscape painter, and color enthusiast, joins us for a weekend exploring a new way to approach color. Her method, built on a set of principles and guidelines and inspired by early American landscape painters in the Hudson Valley region, explores the application of mixing semi-neutral tones to enhance and offset bold, saturated colors in nuanced, complex ways. This color method can be applied to a variety of fiber arts and beyond, and even those previously uncomfortable with color matching and mixing will find themselves readily able to explore within the guidelines of this course.

The class begins with an introduction to basic artistic color theory, then reveals how to streamline and focus certain aspects of color theory to generate interesting, naturally inspired palettes. Attendees will use the Harrisville Shetland and Highland's extensive color range to realize these color combinations and will create, then take home, their own set of color cards using this method. Students will also learn about the Hudson Valley art movement, a heavily influential and local American landscape painting movement, and follow with studies on current local painters who have continued to draw on inspiration from the region. Depending on student interest and the weather, we may take a local art oriented field trip one of the afternoons.

Armed with their own color sets, attendees will then learn how to evaluate imagery and inspiration of their own, and with provided materials, to decipher and develop pleasing color combinations that they can then use in weavings, embroideries, knitting and crochet projects, felted fabrics, and more. 

Click here for more information and registration. This class has a limited number of seats and we’d love to reserve one for you! I will also be sharing some sneak peeks of my new book’s patterns for attendees.

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